Friday, June 25, 2010

Visit with Farrah

My little sister Farrah came to visit us for 9 days in June and we had soooo much fun! We haven't been able to hang out, just the two of us, since we lived in San Antonio 4 years ago. We were long overdue for some sister time! We have so much in common and have a blast together. She definitely missed her husband Phillip but I think they survived the separation :) (They've been married just 2 years) The kids absolutely loved having her here and were so sad when she left. We cooked and at out so much that I was scared to weigh myself after she left! I didn't even do it by the way. Thanks Farrah for a fun week! We love you!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Clara Graduates Preschool

Wow is the school year really over? It went by so fast! Clara was so lucky to get into the Shining Stars Preschool here. It is a FREE preschool through the school district and you get in on a lottery. There are 2 teachers for every 10 kids! She has grown and learned so much! Before she started she was painfully shy around other kids. When we would go to the park she would be Ethan's shadow and never just go up to a kid and play. Now she's a little social butterfly! She still has her shy moments but she has gotten lots better. Her 2 main teachers were Ms. Cunningham and Ms. Butchko and boy did they love Clara. When I would go to conferences they would both just gush over her and say how grateful they were that I shared her with them. They were very proud of her artistic ability and of course we are too. Ms. Cunningham said that in her 25 years she hadn't seen a child Clara's age that was so artistic. She's sure she'll see Clara's name in an art gallery someday! The only problem they ever had with her was trying to get her to try another station besides art. She just didn't want to! Everyday I'd ask her what her favorite thing was that day and she'd always say "art." Ethan would get so annoyed and say "Don't say art again!" She was sad to say goodbye to her amazing teachers but is very excited for kindergarten. Ms. Cunningham and I both cried when we all said goodbye. I'm so grateful for the experience Clara had going to Shining Stars.

The girls were so excited to finally wear their matching summer dresses!

A little princess among all of those rowdy boys in her class!

Clara and Ms. Cunningham

My beautiful girl bringing me a rose. So sweet!

Congratulations Clara!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meredith Turns 3!

I'm so behind on this blog! This week I'll be adding lots of new posts so keep checking back. Meredith turned 3 on May 15! I can't believe she is 3 already. It seems like yesterday I was holding my tiny preemie at only 5 lbs in my arms. She has turned into such a funny little girl. She is very spunky and absolutely loves to make us all laugh. She is very picky with food except for sweets which she could eat all day. Her favorite thing to do is to play dress-up and play "house" with Clara. She has such an imagination! We got home from our cruise just in time to celebrate her big day. I made her pancakes for her birthday breakfast and we went out to Red Robin for dinner. We had a simple party at our neighborhood park with her closest little friends. She loved getting all of the attention since just a month before Clara had her birthday. We love our sweet Meredith!