Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December at a Glance

I thought I'd be so much better at updating this blog!  December certainly flew by and before I knew it the kids were back in school and it was a new year.  We started off the month with Ben's 35th birthday.  I made him a cake from scratch and it was so good.  My new favorite for sure!  If only I could make it look nice, though, because I'm no good at that.  We had a pretty lazy Christmas break.  When I did laundry last week it was mainly pj's because we hardly ever got dressed!  It was a nice quiet Christmas which was just perfect.  We are happy, though, that this was our last year without celebrating with family.  Now it's crunch time for me in terms of de-junking and preparing for the move.  I can't stand to have a disorganized home when the movers come.  I have lots of things to get rid of and sell.  We are moving in just 7 weeks and we can't wait.  There will be a few people here that I'll be very sad to say goodbye to, though.  It will be here before we know it!  Since most that read this are on Facebook with me I'll post some pics that I didn't post on FB for you.