Monday, August 9, 2010

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July weekend this year!  We went to the city fireworks show and then on Sunday afternoon had friends over to celebrate.  I love this holiday because of the colors, the food, the patriotism I feel, and the fireworks. Our neighborhood firework show on Sunday night was awesome.  We had some and our friends brought lots too.  The Gallagher's brought the big stuff though!  Our neighbors on both sides of us had the huge ones too so we had one heck of a show.  It was fun to hang out with old friends and get to know new ones.  It's weird to think that we will be in a different house next year for 4th of July!

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  1. That was such a fun Sunday! Maddie said that she looked at houses for you while she was in Utah. She personally thinks that you should buy my Grandmas house in South Ogden because its for sale...LOL